About Us

I have always had a keen interest in arts and crafts and being creative, so after making a few signs for our home and bedroom door signs for my children, the idea of Pallet Wood Creations was formed. It started as a hobby until one day I took the plunge and decided to turn it into a small business.

Based in Warwickshire, Pallet Wood Creations specialise in unique handcrafted home decor, made using recycled pallet wood.

Using recycled pallet wood, enables me to guarantee each and every item is completely unique, as no two pallets are the same. Every product is finely sanded to a smooth finish and coated in either outdoor varnish or Cuprinol paint to protect the wood.

Early days

I started with making signs, trying different styles, designs and colours.

In time I progressed on to coasters, photo boards and shelves, adding colour to some, leaving others natural.

From there I have tried my hand at a range of projects, the largest and most challenging being an outdoor kitchen, and I am proud to say that apart from the work top, the whole thing is made completely from pallet wood.

Always keen to try new ideas, my portfolio is growing, not only with my own projects, but also custom orders, many of which have been their own design.