Outdoor Kitchen

I love cooking outside on the BBQ and like to make the most of the good weather. The only issue is all the prep work was having to be done in the kitchen and taken outside to cook and eat. So I decided I wanted to create a kitchen outside.

As the name suggests, I make items out of pallet wood and this latest project was no exception. Everything, other than the tile inserts on the work top, is made from recycled pallet wood, including all the frame work. Using only pallet wood did cause a few issues along the way though and due to being made from recycled wood, is not entirely straight or perfectly aligned, however it is very heavy and completely solid.

This project took roughly three weeks to build, due to most of the work being completed single handed and the weather did delay work on a few occasions. Also having to split roughly 36 pallets, all took time, oh and I do not own any power tools, so every piece was cut using a hand saw.

Being the first large build I’ve undertaken, I was completely winging it and learning on the job. I drew a rough sketch of what I was hoping it would look like and then got to work and figured all the rest out, like measurements and cupboard sizes, whilst working on it. This is not something I would recommend, planning and knowledge is key. There were a fair few times at the start of the build, where I stood and stared at the kitchen in progress, wondering how this was all going to work. A few sections required some serious thought, as I had never built anything like this, so without the background knowledge, it did pose an issue at times, However I got there in the end and I am proud to say, I figured everything out for myself and the best part is, I only had to change a few areas from my sketch. Happy days!